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SQF & BRC – Special Summer Edition

Stay tuned for our Special Summer Edition of SQF & BRC programs!


SQF Code Implementation Training: 

Provided by a SQF licensed trainer, this course is designed to prepare for an individual to meet the SQF Practitioner requirements by promoting an understanding of the SQF Code, Edition 8.0 and providing a detailed knowledge base to participants to facilitate the successful implementation and maintenance of an SQF System.


Advanced SQF Practitioner Course: 

The Advanced SQF Practitioner course is an activity-based course designed for current SQF practitioners who are seeking further education on how to improve and maintain their companies’ SQF Systems. The SQF Advanced Practitioner course provides the tools needed to improve and advance the food safety system in the facility and manage the ongoing maintenance of the SQF Program.


Implementing BRC Global Standard Food Safety:

Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Canadian College of Food and Health are dedicated to creating and delivering the Implementation of the BRC Global Standard Food Safety certification course that enables participants to learn about the requirements then apply and consolidate the knowledge for the implementation of the Standards.


Our two-day programs are designed with insightful lectures and interactive discussions.

Each participant successfully finishing the course will receive a certificate of completion.


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