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Implementing SQF System Course

About SQF

The SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is an integrated food safety and quality management system administered by the SQF Institute recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an organization representing more than 70% of food retail worldwide. The SQF Program, consisting of the SQF Code, edition 8.0, applies to all sectors of the food industry, from primary production to distribution. The Program focuses on the benefits to both industry and consumers, whereby improved product quality enhances marketability and profitability.

For food suppliers, SQF certification provides assurance that food safety plans have been implemented in agreement with HACCP and relevant regulatory requirements and have proven effective to manage food safety. It is also a statement of the supplier’s commitment to produce safe, quality food, comply with the requirements of the SQF Code, and comply with applicable food legislation.


Canadian College of Food and Health (CCOFAH) offers 2-day course on Implementing SQF System and 2-day course for Advanced SQF Practitioner.


Why take SQF training?

Today’s consumers are more educated on the food they are providing their families and requiring increased food safety assurance, which increases demand for the retailers and service providers to request suppliers to provide verifiable proof that robust food safety control systems have been effectively implemented. SQF Code Edition 8.0 is the international food safety standard preferred by many of the world's leading retailers and food service companies, and is recognized under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The SQF system provides assurance to end customers that food produced, prepared and handled by the food supplier is of the highest possible standards.


For food suppliers, the training courses will equip your employees with SQF knowledge; and your company achieving SQF certification provides assurance that your products retain a high degree of acceptance in global markets.


For employees, the SQF certificate training is absolutely of interest to individuals who are preparing to meet the SQF Practitioner requirements as defined in the SQF Code, Edition 8.0, who desire a detailed knowledge base for the successful implementation and maintenance of SQF, or who wish to step into the promising food industry.


This is a must for suppliers, consultants, trainers and anyone interested in learning about the SQF program.


Course Description


SQF Code Implementation Training

Provided by a SQF licensed trainer, this course is designed to prepare for an individual to meet the SQF Practitioner requirements by promoting an understanding of the SQF Code, Edition 8.0 and providing a detailed knowledge base to participants to facilitate the successful implementation and maintenance of an SQF System.


After completing this two-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the SQF Code, Ed. 8.0 format, food sector categories and sector applicable modules
  • Understand requirements for SQF Practitioners and SQF Consultants
  • Describe the differences between Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of SQF certification
  • Identify the SQF System elements and mandatory requirements
  • Implement, manage and maintain SQF System
  • Develop, validate and verify the elements of food safety and quality plans and the SQF System
  • Know how to prepare for the SQF certification audit


To ensure an optimal learning experience and fully benefit from this course, an understanding of the application of HACCP principles is mandatory for anyone attending.


On completion of this training, students will have a full understanding of the SQF program to meet the SQF training requirements and be ready for the Implementing SQF Systems examination to be designated as an SQF Practitioner.


Advanced SQF Practitioner Course

The Advanced SQF Practitioner course is an activity-based course designed for current SQF practitioners who are seeking further education on how to improve and maintain their companies' SQF Systems. The SQF Advanced Practitioner course provides the tools needed to improve and advance the food safety system in the facility and manage the ongoing maintenance of the SQF Program.


The two-day course addresses the following four areas:

  • Establishing food safety and quality objectives.
  • Using the internal audit program to manage, maintain and enhance the SQF System.
  • Utilizing the corrective/ preventive action process as a tool to identify trends and build continuous improvement.
  • Improving the demonstration of management’s commitment and developing and prioritizing key performance indicators


To ensure an optimal learning experience and fully benefit from this course, it is recommended that participants meet the following prerequisites prior to attending the course:

  • Been through at least one successful (C-complies rating or higher) SQF certification/ re-certification process as the designated SQF practitioner
  • Successfully completed a HACCP training class that includes a final assessment
  • Successfully completed the Implementing SQF Systems examination


Each participant successfully finishing the course will receive a certificate of completion.