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Esun Group

Esun Group was established by a group of Chinese and Canadian scientists and technologists led by Dr. Yong Tang, Associate Professor and postgraduate supervisor of Xihua University (, and has since headquartered in Chengdu, China.

Esun Group focuses on food safety and human health from “farm to fork” as a corporate business integrated combination comprising of Sichuan Esun Modern Agricultural Development Ltd., Chengdu Esun Advanced Science and Technology Inc., and Shufeng Sichuan Style Restaurant Management Inc. Cooperated with Xihua University and Canadian College of Food and Health, the group Esun Group excels at food safety and quality control, nutrition and health products research and development and their marketing towards commercialization.

Esun Group has been authorized training center to provide consultancy and training for industries to implement or apply the technological achievements, including but not limited to, food safety and quality management, joint training on advance scientific and technical achievements such as “Boshi Quality Control and Traceability System”, “Esun Health Food Production System from Farm to Fork” and current “Esun Technologies”, and business cooperation.


Boshi Quality Control & Traceability System - BSQCATs

BSQCATs has integrated with non-destructive testing equipment and devices, quality sensor and GPS information collection and transiting system tracking products from farm to fork, real agricultural production and factory manufacturing environment data collection and transmitting system for Good Agricultural Practices, Good manufacturing Practices and Good Supply Practices and international high standards of HACCP system.


Esun Health Food Production System from Farm to Fork

This is an application of the BSQCATs to Chinese diverse agricultural sites, as one of the plant trial agricultural platform to provide a model system for good agricultural practices implementing the BSQCATs in the globe. The ultimate goal is to provide high quality and non-contamination products from traceable non-polluted agricultural environment, to good manufacturing and supply chain practices, towards the table for the consumers, across the country and over the world.


Esun Technologies

As an engine of science and technology of the Esun Group, Esun Technologies are comprised of elite professionals from food and health industries from China and overseas, cooperated with and supported by Chinese provincial food quality and safety professional platforms and Canadian College of Food and Health. Esun Technologies provides advanced food technologies, health products development and industrialization, and modern health food manufacturing and quality control training and authorized production of Esun developed health food products and supplements.