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Graduate Placement

We believe that most of our graduates have got benefited from CCFH education and training. We commit to build on the strength of the career service to support our students to the next level of employment after graduation.

As a CCFH student or alumnus, you can access our extensive career resources online. It's updated daily with new job postings for full-time, part-time, summer jobs and volunteer jobs as well as career related events and resources. The career services is always available for our school students to help our students to gain the opportunities accessing to the great success in career.


Career Services

  • Career Counselling Services

Career counselling at CCFH help people to find their own motivations and desires, to help people clearly know what jobs will fit their personality and skills, and then identify specific career paths that align with their values and motivations

  • Effective Employment Assistance

Our series of Job Fair, Resume and Interview Skills coaching, and unique Resume Tips have effectively helped hundreds of professionals in the past 12 years, and will be your choice for your career penetration and growth. 

  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Workshops help graduates understand where to find job opportunities, how to successfully apply for jobs, what are resume writing tips, interview preparation, and industry insight
  • We help students edit their resume, cover letter for specific job application, and prepare the student for interview with interview practice

Career Fairs

CCFH staffs will act as a liaison between the industry and our graduates. We actively contact the industry to inform them of the wealth of candidates graduating. Career Fair is held twice a year and is designed to bring graduates face to face with the industry representatives.



Job Postings

CCFH has strong professional network as the professional instructors have established sound reputation in food related industries through years of training and professional experiences, closely linked with food industry and associations, and provided extensive resources and internal recruitment opportunities for students. 

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Co-op Opportunities

Co-op will provide students the opportunities to gain valuable experience in the workplace and develop their skills and knowledge during the process. Co-op education is optional for the students but we encourage and support students to find and build experience during study.

Our school are committed to help students with follow Co-op services:

  • finding and building relationships with potential employers of our students
  • preparing students for their co-op job search
  • managing the employment process to help as many students find work as possible
  • visiting and monitoring co-op students and employers during work terms