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Open Enrollment: Lean Six Sigma Courses

Six Sigma is a business strategy that focuses on reducing variability within a process or system, whereas, Lean focuses on removing wastes and adding value to a process or system. The fusion of Lean and Six Sigma is required because Lean alone cannot bring a process under statistically control, while Six Sigma alone cannot significantly improve process speed or reduce invested capital. Therefore, this combination will result in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved bottom line results.
Understanding this interrelation between Lean and Six Sigma, CCFH offers different levels of combined Lean Six Sigma training that are suitable to learners at different levels.
– Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
– Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
– Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
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Every Lean Six Sigma course provided by CCFH will come with a 1:1 Six Sigma project consulting service (time varies depending on course levels) from an experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainer in the food and health industries.
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