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Certified Holographic Bio-electric Therapist

Bio-electric Therapy is a combination based on Chinese Medicinal Principle, modern Western Reflexology and Bio-electricity Technology. Bio-electric Therapy helps open and clear the body’s main meridians, stimulating nerves and cells, increasing your energy ‘flow’. Bio-electric Therapy also helps activate the auto-immune system, which prevents and treats illness and disease, help body recover from injuries faster and feel better with less fatigue.


Certified Basic Holographic Bio-electric Therapist (20 hours)

Main course: Basic Knowledge of Human and Bioelectricity, DDS technology and working principles, DDS instruments and products, Holographic Bioelectric Therapy, Herxheimer Reaction, Electromechanical Meridian Practice, Tong Duo Pulse Theory and Practice, Tong Ren Pulse Theory and Practice

Final Exam


Certified Senior Holographic Bio-electric Therapist (30 hours)

Main course: Facial Lifting, Shoulder Inflammation Treatment, Cervical Spondylosis Treatment, Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment, Bursitis Treatment

Final Exam


Certified Advanced Holographic Bio-electric Therapist (30 hours)

Main course: Rhinitis Pharyngitis Treatment, Gastroenteritis Treatment, Femoral Head Necrosis Treatment, Breast Hyperplasia / Nodule Treatment, Prostatitis Treatment

Final Exam