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Certified HACCP Auditor (CHA)

The Certified HACCP Auditor (CHA) Certification Preparation course reviews all the topics in the CHA Body of Knowledge (BoK) so that you can reinforce your current knowledge, refresh concepts and applications that may not be used in everyday work, and strengthen your exam preparation process (

The course is developed and reviewed by a team of HACCP experts and conforms to the same writing standards that are used in the exam.

The course begins with a pre-test that you can use to identify areas of study to focus on. The content is arranged in the order of the BoK and built to prepare you at the appropriate cognitive levels. The content includes illustrations where applicable, examples, and progress check questions. A post-test is also included—compare your pretest and post-test results to verify improvement in your scores after you have completed the course materials. The college's CHA certificate will be issued based on your work of the 3 sets of exams taken during the course. Moreover, we will provide guidance to students who need to take the Certification exam from ASQ to become a Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA).

Canadian College of Food and Health offers both in-class and online training for the CHA Certification Course.

Course Duration: 30 hours