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About Us

Our mission is to explore and incorporate the human achievements of food and health science and technology into the health of humans and animals, and explore the most effective and integrated systems to apply the scientific and technological achievements to industry then benefits to the health of humans and animals.


Our unique instructional philosophy is to have the industry experienced, with advanced educational background and talented professionals excelling in the profession, such as governmental inspectors or auditors, manufacturing technical managers or directors, independent auditors/consultants or specialists, to teach in the designated programs, which signifies the instructions from only professors typing knowledge input.


The instructional focus will be individuals who needs to enter this profession or fields who needs first hand or basic and advanced quality and safety management up-to-date knowledge and industrial practices in Canada and the globe. For example, we invite the inspector from Canadian Food Inspection Agency to train students if they wish to work on import and export meat products to and from Canada while the Inspector must work or worked on the same duty. It is called career oriented or objective training model.


The college’s leadership, faculty and staff: the college invites the most senior professionals from universities and governments agency to be in the advisory body to guide the structural growth including international explorations, such as honorary university professions in food and health, past or current minister of Health Canada, past or current officials from World Health Organizations, Food and Agriculture Organization, etc. Faculties are mainly from Industries such as pharmaceutical companies with technical achievements and holds management positions on the relevant fields as described above. The administrative staff have related advanced educational background and understand relevant acts and regulations related to the practices of the College.



Learn from the best in the business

  • Courses designed by industry experts - that’s what you get when you sign up for a CCFH course.


Our courses give you:

  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Comprehensive Course Material
  • Relevant, Interactive, Applied Learning
  • Solid Networking Opportunities
  • Certification of Completion


Our training programs are designed as customer-oriented training or ready-to-use training enabling the students trained to be integrated in the industry operational lines effectively.