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About Us

Our mission is to explore and apply the most effective and integrated achievements in food and health science and technology for the benefits of humans’ and animals’ health.


Our unique philosophy involves professional industry experts with advanced educational background and practical experience such as government inspectors or auditor, technical managers or directors, and independent consultants or specialists to teach in the designated programs.

Our focus lies on individuals who need up-to-date knowledge and industrial practice in Canada in order to start and advance their career in the field of quality and safety management in the food and health industries.


The college’s leadership, faculty and staff includes senior professionals from other colleges, universities as well as government agencies, who are holding managerial or decision-making positions. They bring insightful knowledge and real-world experience to their practice for the benefits of all course participants. The administrative staff with strong educational background understand relevant acts and regulations related to the practices of the College.



Learn from the best in the business

Our career-oriented and customized training programs designed by industry experts enable participants to effectively integrate themselves in the industry and achieve advancement on their career path.

Our courses give you:

  • Comprehensive and Updated Training Materials;
  • Certificate of Completion;
  • Relevant and Interactive Learning Experience;
  • Connection with Industry Experts;
  • Solid Networking Opportunities; and
  • Access to Career Service.