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Internal Auditor Courses

Learn to conduct an internal food safety audit

This course will provide you with knowledge and skills required to conduct an internal food safety audit against any GFSI-approved food safety standards. This includes understanding how food safety audits contribute to the maintenance and improvement of food safety management systems, developing a checklist, conducting the audit, gathering objective evidence, classifying nonconformity and reporting on the audit. You will learn to identify best practices to ensure your internal audits are a success.

Internal Auditor Certificate - SQF 

Internal SQF auditor helps to determine whether your SQF food safety system is implemented effectively. The analysis of results is critical to ensure that the food safety plan continues to be effective. Challenges to achieving continual improvement in food safety programs can occur due to improperly conducted and documented internal audits (

This course provides knowledge of the SQF food safety system and skills to ensure food safety and meet SQF requirements. The course design is based on SQF food safety systems and meets the internal auditor training requirements. The main content of the course includes: discussing how to manage the internal audit plan, developing your internal audit checklist, applying best practices for internal audit, using objective evidence to assess compliance, writing internal audit reports and nonconformity, effectively participating internal audit to promote continuous improvement.

Canadian College of Food and Health offers both in-class and online training for the SQF Internal Auditor course.

Internal Auditor Certificate - BRC

This course provides you with skills and knowledge needed to perform an internal audit against the BRC scheme for food safety and quality management. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge and expert training that you need to audit to BRC requirements (

What to expect:

  • Gain skills to perform effective internal audits and be prepared to pass the third-party audits;
  • Gain the required knowledge of the BRC of the product categories, audits and certification;
  • Know how to write concise, accurate and factual audit reports;
  • Be able to perform follow-up activities to get the facility ready for the third-party audits.

Canadian College of Food and Health offers both in-class and online training for the BRC Internal Auditor course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Food industry personnel intending to become involved in the internal audit process for the maintenance and improvement of their food safety program, e.g., SQF Internal Auditor for SQF facilities; BRC Internal Auditor for BRC facilities.
  • Management and staff who have had at least four years’ experience in the food industry: including production lead hand, supervisor, maintenance technicians, QA/ QC technicians, managers, sanitation crew reps, marketing/sales reps, etc.
  • For USDA, FDA, CFIA regulatory registered facilities or establishments, the Internal Auditor certificates can be generic to customized to your professional needs, and include or add on all your auditing body’s internal audit requirements if you indicate in your registration forms. No extra cost will incur.