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Stay Tuned for the Upcoming GMP-HACCP Class

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) are the basic requirements for any people who are working or seeking employment in the food industry in Canada, in which GMP is the pre-requisite program to be implemented prior to implementing the HACCP system.

Canadian College of Food and Health (CCFH) used to offer GMP and HACCP in-person training for food professionals. However, the program has been put on hold for the past year due to the pandemic. For now, we are currently planning to bring back the class on a virtual platform as we cannot deny the crucial benefits of interactions between instructors and participants in training.

For more information on the topics covered in the training, please visit our website:

We always offer FREE TRIAL class to all participants before registration so that you can have a better understanding of our course outline before making a decision. This is also an excellent opportunity to connect with our instructors who are experts in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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