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New Certified HACCP Auditor – CHA Course Launch!

What is CHA?

The CHA is a professional who understands the standards and principles of auditing a HACCP-based (or process-safety) system []. A CHA uses various tools and techniques to examine, question, evaluate, and report on that system’s adequacy and deficiencies. The CHA analyzes all elements of the system and reports on how well it adheres to the criteria for management and control of process safety.

Who should be a Certified HACCP Auditor?

Working in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries like –

  • Facilities Managers
  • Food Safety Personnel
  • Global Food Safety Coordinators & Managers
  • HACCP Coordinators
  • Inspectors
  • Public Health Inspectors
  • Quality Auditors

What you will learn from CHA course?

  • HACCP System
  • HACCP Principles.
  • Implementation an Maintenance of HACCP System
  • Auditing Fundamentals
  • Auditing Process and Auditor Competencies
  • Quality Tools and Techniques

When you complete CHA course, you will:

Be certified as HACCP Auditor

Get the CHA Certificate

About CHA Course:

Course length is 36 hours

Tuition fee is CAD $680

We offer both in-class and online courses

Contact for details: Canadian College of Food and Health

416-640-4067 or

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