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1-day FREE TRIAL! First GMP – HACCP Class of 2020

Ongoing enrollment for the GMP & HACCP Certification Course. 

This is a 3-month course and you can always claim for a 1-day Free Trial class anytime.

Our GMP & HACCP certification course has been running successfully for many years with graduates working in the industry across Canada and over the world.


What can we offer you?

❖ Efficient Course Outline: Get equipped with two certificates (GMP & HACCP) within 13-14 Sundays, becoming qualified for professional occupations in food and associated pharmaceutical industries

❖ Experienced Training Team: The team have created and established the HACCP certification training at university/ college level in North America since 2003 and have trained hundreds of professionals who successfully entered the food and pharmaceutical industries and government agencies.

❖ Strong Professional Network: The HACCP training group of instructors have established sound reputation in the industries through years of HACCP training and professional experiences, closely linked with the industry and extensive resources including internal recruitment opportunities for students.

❖ Effective Employment Assistance: Our series of Job Fair, Resume and Interview Skills Seminars, and unique Resume Tips have effectively helped hundreds of professionals in the past 14 years, and will be your choice for your career penetration and growth.

1-day FREE TRIAL is offered to all students before registration. It is a good chance to communicate with industry experts, to build connection within the industry and is a good start for a professional career.

For registration, please contact: Canadian College of Food and Health: or 416-640-4067.