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Food Safety and Quality Assurance Diploma Program

About the Program

The Food Safety and Quality Assurance program is designed to provide career-oriented training of theoretical knowledge, technical expertise, current manufacturing practices and management principles underlying Food Safety and Quality Assurance, including principles of food science and technology, food processing and quality control, food microbial and chemical safety, national and international regulatory requirements on food quality and safety, food hazard and risk analysis from farm to table, food safety and quality management system design, implementation and maintenance, and economic and industrial weights of food safety and quality systems (e.g. application in manufacturing, supply chain, retailer stores and regulatory inspection services).

This program is of interest to individuals currently employed in the food industry who wish to advance or upgrade their skills and knowledge and those who are seeking employment in food industry and associated service agencies such as government sectors that require systematically knowledge of food safety and quality management.


The program offers the specialized knowledge and skills for students, such as how food safety and quality assurance is applicable to food industry and associated business and commercial sectors. A comprehensive understanding of Canadian and international food safety and quality assurance acts and regulations, and how to equip with the ability of developing, implementing, and maintaining the food safety and quality assurance programs using tools such as GMP and HACCP to ensure the products complying with the acts and regulations as well as the standards. Graduates will be a critical element or component for food industry to “safe-guarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment and economy” (CFIA mission:


Program Information

Duration: 42 weeks (840 hours) instructor-led full-time training Diploma program

First-Year Capacity: 16


Admission Requirement

Applicant minimum admission requirement is an Ontario high school diploma or equivalent


Program Courses

  • Essential Food Science
  • Food Chemistry and Application
  • Food Processing Technology
  • Food Microbiology and Application
  • Product Development and Formulation
  • Career Development
  • Plant Schematic and Sanitation
  • Food Safety Challenge of the Global Food Supply Chain
  • Food Acts and Regulations (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Quality and Safety Management in Food Industry
  • HACCP and GMPs
  • Food Safety Projects - Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)


Graduate Prospects

Students gain knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to develop, implement and/or maintain the food safety and quality assurance systems in food industry, tertiary governmental (federal, provincial and regional government agencies), food companies of logistics (storage and transportation), food retail stores (such as LBL, Wal-Mart, COSTCO), food and nutrition research or analytical laboratories, etc. Graduates may pursue the careers in the areas or sectors of functioning or in a role of:

  • Quality Assurance/ Control
  • Food Safety
  • Product Development
  • Food Processing
  • Food Raw and Packaging Material Procurement
  • Food Product Marketing and Sales

Typical positions for graduates of this program include:

  • HACCP coordinator
  • Food and beverage processing/packaging supervisor
  • Food QA or QC Supervisor
  • Food safety specialist
  • Food safety program (i.e. BRC/SQF) practitioner
  • Sanitation coordinator
  • Food microbiologist
  • Product development technician
  • Quality assurance and control technician
  • Food buyer
  • Food marketing and sales associate

In addition to these, career path opportunities include food safety manager, quality assurance manager or director and industry consultant.